Mission & Characteristics / Your Family Office

Our Mission is to secure, preserve and enhance the founding and partner familiesí wealth to be passed on to the next generation using the skills of a dedicated in-house and seasoned investment team acting independently from financial and banking institutions.

  • Security will derive from proper wealth structuring and adequate fiduciary activity & portfolio monitoring.
  • Preservation will derive from state-of-the-art estate planning and investment control & consolidation.
  • Enhancement will derive from the availability of in-house and independent professional portfolio management skills.

Our Characteristics:

  • We target families with similar wealth magnitude and characteristics to ensure alignment of interests with the founding familiesí investment objectives.
  • Core portfolio approach: nothing is done for clients that isnít being implemented for the founding families portfolio.
  • Focus on entrepreneurial families with a growing need for financial management expertise and clout to secure the management of a rapidly growing personal wealth.